Blame It On Me

by Coda (Steve Tilling)



Track from forthcoming album by Coda (Steve Tilling).


Blame It On Me - Coda

Shut me down and walk away, lock me out another day
I contemplate the path that stretches out before me
Twisting on the tourniquet, a superficial power play
Amputate the past and everything I could be

I won't make a final plea, I won't change your mind
So blame it on me. Say it's all me.
I don't need your sympathy, I'll just take my time
So blame it on me. Say it's all me.

Questioning my sanity, a symptom of my vanity
Take the stand as witness for the prosecution
Fake a face of empathy, illusion of humanity
I command the forces of my retribution

You can have the final say
But words mean nothing and now you have to pay
No one will hear you pray
Too late for waiting, your chance has come and gone
Shut me down


released 08 May 2015
Steve Tilling: all instruments and vocals



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Coda (Steve Tilling) London, UK

Coda is a solo project by Steve Tilling.

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